Yuliia KozlovetsBook Arsenal

Yuliia Kozlovets

сurator of the Kids Program

Founder of the Chulan bookstore, co-founder of Step by Step! KyivLab.

Curator of the Kids Program at the Book Arsenal Festival since 2012. Special themes of Kids Programs in previous years: Freedom: to Read, Think, Act Freely; Home; On Personality and Peculiar; Reading and On Reading.

The special topic of this year’s festival is To be Continued! Books of the future, education of the future, children of the future. Today’s challenges and thoughts about our tomorrow will be the topics of this year’s Kids Program. We invite children and their parents, people to book, teachers to discuss issues on the future in which our children will live, on qualitative changes that have already come, on trends in education, reading and publishing, on new opportunities, new niches, technologies, and formats in children’s literature.