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Book Arsenal 2017

The mission of the Book Arsenal is to promote the development of the Ukrainian literary and artistic environment and the book market through the international exchange and dissemination of best world practices. The focus of the festival is cultural and educational modernization, popularization of reading. The Book Arsenal views the book not only as an intellectual product and attribute of the modern lifestyle, but also as an instrument of cultural diplomacy, which should increase the presence of Ukraine in the world as an area for innovation actively interacting with other creative industries.

Today is the largest event in Eastern Europe that combines literature and art. Each year, more than 200 outstanding Ukrainian and international writers, artists and experts of the book market take part in the festival, and the fair presents more than 150 Ukrainian publishing houses and cultural exhibitors. The Book Arsenal has a distinct interdisciplinary approach, and within its framework there are various programs – literary, children’s, artistic, musical, and others. Partners of the Book Arsenal have international cultural centers, embassies, literary festivals, cultural foundations, libraries, profile associations and museums, educational institutions. The territory of the festival is about 16,000 square meters, and the audience for five days in 2017 amounted to more than 50,000 visitors.