The «Instant Time» exhibition openingExhibitions

The «Instant Time» exhibition opening

The «Instant Time» exhibition opening

On July 12 at 18:30, we invite you to the «Instant Time» exhibition opening.

«Instant time» is a metaphor for a fundamentally new experience that Ukraine gained in the 1990s. First years of independence were the time of acceleration, rapid changes and decisions, when information and phenomena spread immediately as well as disappeared. The information vacuum spontaneously filled without any filters and barriers and took everything that came into its space. Craving for a new grew against the backdrop of the invasion of surrogates and low-quality substitutes, which, however, really inspired and captivated, and sometimes provoked the emergence of unique phenomena, not only of a local character.

Authors of the idea, curators: Viktoriia Bavykina and Asia Tsisar

The exhibition is a winning project of an open competition of ideas of artistic projects held by Mystetskyi arsenal in 2017.

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Media representatives are invited to a press tour with the curators of the exhibition on July 12, 17:00. Accreditation. If you need more information, please call us at 288-52-26 or email [email protected]