Performance by Mark Neville, Alice Lackner, and Imke LichtwarkExhibitions

Performance by Mark Neville, Alice Lackner, and Imke Lichtwark

Performance by Mark Neville, Alice Lackner, and Imke Lichtwark

Interdisciplinary art project by the photographer Mark Neville (London), mezzo-soprano Alice Lakner (Berlin), and the piano player Imke Lichtwark (Berlin) will take place on 18 June at 8 p.m.

While traveling in the East of Ukraine, Mark Neville met people to make their portraits and to film how they perform their favorite traditional songs. Opera singer Alice Lanker translated the records into English and German, and created music scores.
The art project is based on live performance of songs, video-installation and photos. The project interweaves social research into war and displacement, documentary photography, and a contemporary re-interpretation of traditional East Ukrainian folk songs.

British artist Mark Neville works at the intersection of art and documentary, investigating the social function of photography. He makes lens-based works which have been realised and disseminated in a large array of contexts, as both still and moving image pieces, slideshows, films, and giveaway books.
Alice Lackner – mezzosoprano. She graduated as a singer from the Cologne Music School in 2015 and completed her Master’s degree as a sociologist at the Freie Universität Berlin in 2018. While still in her studies, she performed various soloist parts at the Theater Aachen, in operas such as Rusalka (Dvořak), Les Brigands (Offenbach) and Jenufa (Janaček). Her repertoire in concerts and oratorios spans from the baroque era up to contemporary music.

Entrance to the performance with a ticket to Mystetskyi Arsenal.