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‘Hostages’ play

‘Hostages’ play

Church. Mosque. Stable. Torture chamber. Warehouse. Arsenal. Cemetery. The play is set in an abandoned church, where a sensational fresco was discovered. A local art curator claims that the Renaissance began in Eastern Europe. Probably, the history of Western art will be rewritten completely. The Ministry of Culture, nationalists, the President of the Court, the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, international experts and the art curator compete for the valuable fresco, with which they see their bright future. But everything changes when the church is captured by refugees …

Second Floor theatre laboratory of Mystetskyi arsenal invites to the premiere of the play ‘Hostages’ based on the work of the famous British playwright David Edgar ‘Pentecost’. The performances will be held at Mystetskyi arsenal on October 6, 7, and 8.

The epic David Edgar’s play is staged in Ukrainian for the first time! The author is one of the most famous playwrights of our time, known for numerous plays and adaptations for the National Theatre of London, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the BBC. His works have repeatedly won awards: Society of West End Theatres Best Plays, Tony Award (USA), Plays and Players Award for Best Play.

The play will also impress with its epic scope: 18 actors, 10 different languages, real special forces, Trotsky’s reincarnation, set design multimedia and an incredible space of Mystetsky arsenal buiding’s second floor.

Directed by Olha Danyliuk
Second director: Dmytro Zakhozhenko (finalist of TakingtheStage 2017)
Scenic Designer: Fedir Aleksandrovych
Schedule of performances:
October, 6 – 19:00
October, 7 – 19:00
October, 8 – 19:00