Good Enough City. Lecture by Neta Meisels (IL)Exhibitions

Good Enough City. Lecture by Neta Meisels (IL)

Good Enough City. Lecture by Neta Meisels (IL)

On August 21, 19:00 a lecture by Neta Meisels will be held at Mala galereya of Mystetskyi arsenal.

The director of HaMiffal, Neta Meisels, will talk about the role of art in creating the city – today and in the near future, about the revitalization of empty buildings and urban spaces, and about new functions given to them by artists on the example of Jerusalem HaMiffal (Hebrew for “Factory”). You will learn about the history, challenges and goals of the place created in an abandoned 19th-century building in the centre of Jerusalem, which has become a living work of art and an open, vibrant cultural space.

Run by a dedicated and passionate collective of artists, haMiffal provides a much-needed, open, cross-sectorial platform for the meeting and exchange of ideas across multiple identities and communities. A rich array of artistic workshops, lectures, music performances, film screenings and cultural events are offered on an almost daily basis; the walls, rooms and corridors serve as spaces for artists to produce and exhibit their works; and the open, creative venue invites and inspires the public to become not just consumers of art but creators, crumbling boundaries between public and private spheres.

HaMiffal embodies the belief that art holds transformative potential. By facilitating new and shared ways of doing creative schemes we want to leverage the power of art to cross boundaries between people and to empower the public to inform Jerusalem’s public space and its future.

Neta Meisels is the co-founder of Empty House artists collective and since 2016 has been the general director of HaMiffal, “the factory,” an arts and culture center in Jerusalem. He holds a master’s degree in philosophy from the Hebrew University, and is a Phd. student at the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University.

Location: Mala galereya of Mystetskyi arsenal (Lavrska str. 10)

Free admission.