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Oleg Holosiy. Non-stop Painting

Oleg Holosiy. Non-stop Painting
Мистецький Арсенал
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On June 13, the exhibition Oleg Holosiy. Non-stop Painting will open at the Mystetskyi Arsenal. The retrospective research project will present the work of Oleg Holosiy, a significant artist for the history of Ukrainian contemporary art. 

Over 70 paintings, 50 graphic artworks, 40 photographs, archival materials from 20 museum and private collections of Ukraine, as well as from Oleg Holosiy’s artist estate will be presented at the exhibition. Most of these artworks are largely unknown, and some will be exhibited for the first time. Through modern multimedia means, the exhibition will present the most interesting variants of previous exposition solutions implemented at the exhibitions abroad during the artist’s life.

In the center of the special exhibition program is the figure of Oleg Holosiy as an outstanding artist and the wide artistic, cultural, philosophical and literary context in which he was formed. During the lectures, curatorial excursions and discussions, we will touch upon the artistic trends of the 19th-20th centuries that were close to him (in particular, Romanticism, Expressionism, Neo-baroque, Transavantgarde), we will analyze the circle of literature that influenced the artist. The children’s and teenage programs will be focused on visual art as a way of emotional expression and philosophical reflection. The Elective Course special educational program for senior students of higher educational institutions, young scientists interested in contemporary culture and art will create a platform for knowledge sharing. The participants will be able to listen to lectures by the editors of the leading online media that write about culture and communicate with the curators of the project.

Oleg Holosiy is one of the artists of the Ukrainian New Wave and a group of artists formed around the Paris Commune workshops in Kyiv. By the early 1990s, Holosiy had become a star of the Ukrainian art scene and had a great influence on the creative work of other artists in Ukraine and abroad. Over the past five years of his life, the artist has created more than 270 paintings, which are benchmarks of the genius identity, demonstrating the search for alternatives to Soviet academicism through the creation of a self-sufficient movement in painting related to world’s postmodernist trends, such as the Italian Transavantgarde.

The exhibition Oleg Holosiy. Non-stop Painting by the Mystetskyi Arsenal continues a series of projects dedicated to the creative work of Oleg Holosiy in the context of contemporary Ukrainian art. The first exhibition – A Boy and A Comet – opened on May 15 at The Naked Room gallery and is working until June 11, 2019. And the outcome of the project will be the chamber exhibition Oleg Holosiy. Artist at the Museum within the framework of celebrating the 120th anniversary of the National Art Museum of Ukraine in September 2019. In addition to the exhibition of artworks provided by the artist’s family, the museum will host a round table on collecting contemporary Ukrainian art.

The exhibition will be open through June 13 – August 11, 2019, at the Mystetskyi Arsenal.


  • Curatorial team

    Oleksandr Soloviov, Mystetskyi Arsenal
    Ihor Oksametnyi, Mystetskyi Arsenal
    Solomia Savchuk, Mystetskyi Arsenal
    Oksana Barshynova, National Art Museum of Ukraine
    Tetiana Zhmurko, National Art Museum of Ukraine

    Project coordination
    Hanna Oryshchenko
    Kateryna Tykhonenko

    Project partners
    National Art Museum of Ukraine
    The Naked Room gallery

  • The project is implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

    The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation is a state-owned institution created in 2017 in correspondence with the Law of Ukraine with aim to facilitate development of culture and arts in Ukraine, to provide favourable environment for development of intellectual and spiritual potential of individuals and society, wide access for the citizens to national cultural heritage, to support cultural diversity and integration of the Ukrainian culture into the world cultural space. The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation supports projects through a competitive selection process. Activities of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation are guided and coordinated by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

  • Special thanks to

    Ducat Auction House
    Zolotoe Sechenie Auction House
    Oleg Holosiy Artist Estate
    Gallery JUMP for contemporary art
    National Art Museum of Ukraine
    Sumy Regional Art Museum named after Nikanor Onatsky
    Zenko Foundation

    Private collections
    Igor Abramovych
    Dmytro Andrievskyi
    Svitlana Bakanova
    Liudmyla Bereznitska
    Natalia and Serhiy Vakulenko
    Ihor Voronov
    Ksenia Hnylytska
    Oleksandr Hoviadin
    Denys Holosiy
    Viktor Hordeev
    Tetiana and Borys Grynev
    Eduard Dymshyts
    Lesja Zajats
    Serhiy and Olena Zvyagintseva
    Borys Lozhkin
    Vladislav Mashnytskyi
    Olena Ryzhykh
    Oleksandr Roitburd
    Stanislav Skoryk
    Andriy Suprunenko
    Olexii Kharko
    Natalia Filonenko
    Volodymyr Yershykhin
    Nadia Shalomova