Х ART-KYIV Contemporary 2015Exhibitions

Х ART-KYIV Contemporary 2015

Х ART-KYIV Contemporary 2015
Мистецький Арсенал
вул. Лаврська, 10-12
Київ, Київська область 01010

It is the 10th consecutive year when ART-KYIV Contemporary demonstrates processes happening in modern art in Ukraine, and thus becoming an indicator of dominant tendencies and themes. Annually presenting the current state of creative research and findings, today ART-KYIV – is a space for an artistic communication, discussions, researches, exchange and education. Having changed its format from the commercial exhibition to a forum of project expression a couple of years ago, ART-KYIV became mobile not only by attracting new participants but also regarding to an opportunity to present projects with relevant components, experiments, and extensive media capabilities.

Special Project DIALOGIA. Ukrainian art in times with no name.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of ART KYIV Contemporary Forum.
Curators: Oleksandr Solovyov, Alisa Lozhkina, Solomiya Savchuk, Illia Zabolotny. 

DIALOGIA represents the current state of Ukrainian art. This is an attempt in capturing the changes, that happened in the national society and art as a result of traumatic transformations in recent years. An ordinary state of affairs has been disturbed, while the new state of society between peace and war has no final definition. We still do not venture to name those changes and allow ourselves to give this epoch a definition that became common for art – ‘Untitled’. 

The majority of the works will be created in a “work in progress” mode – exclusively for the Mystetskyi Arsenal exhibition. This large-scale project will occupy an unusual location – the second floor of the art and culture museum complex. An alternative exposition route contrasts with the familiar idea of the Arsenal’s topography and leads to new forms of perceptions of the artistic project as a total installation where the autonomous of artists from different generations, regions, technological and generic preferences form a common space of dialog concerning the most pressing social and personal narratives. The aura of the art workshop with its intimacy and yet with the spirit of the never-ending experiment is to become the main overtone of the project.

The Special Project «Museum Collection. Ukrainian contemporary art 1985-5015 from private collections».
40 largest Ukrainian collectors will be presenting the best pieces of their collections from more than 70 artists

This special project is formed from the works, which have been provided for the exhibition by more than 40 largest Ukrainian collectors. The selection of the most iconic works from the private collections will present a cross section of the Ukrainian art of the second half of the 1980s until nowadays. The collectors contribution in the context of preservation of works of art is difficult to overestimate, at the same time their demonstration in the public space remains of considerable significance – the contemplation and understanding of the art works ceases to be a collector’s exclusive right, and becomes public.


  • Art director:

    Solomiya Savchuk