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Antytvir-2022 open call

Antytvir-2022 is a project for teenagers to express themselves through creative practices (texts, illustrations or other genres).
This year, all the antytvir-works will be accepted, without any evaluation by the jury or awards — the work of each participant will be posted on the Book Arsenal website.

The project also includes a series of educational online meetings and workshops in order to create a community of young artists and to support them (in particular, providing psychological support).

The theme of Antytvir-2022 is “At the Threshold”.

Before the war, the Antytvir team described this year’s theme as follows:
“At the Threshold is a moment a few minutes before the change that will happen to the hero, a moment before (not) crossing the line. In a Hollywood movie, it would be depicted as a deep, loud, slow breath before the very start.”
However, today (and every day) the highlights are shifting.

We offer to reflect on:

  • forced displacement;
  • destruction of some values and construction of new ones;
  • what values become apparent on the verge — where two worlds collide;
  • what helps and what hinders us from winning, internally and externally;
  • sharing what it’s like to be a teenager and grow up in a war.

Read more about the theme of Antytvir-2022 here.

Usually, in your antytvir-work, we encourage you to choose an unusual form, perspective. You can tell your story on behalf of a subject, dedicate your whole work to the moment of destruction or the process of construction of values, of a personality; write about existing or fictional; do it in the form of a text-message novel, a graphic novel, or write and illustrate your own work. The principal thing is to allow yourself to go beyond all limits.

To participate in the Antytvir-2022 project, you should:

  • be a student of 8–11 grade;
  • attach your antytvir-work to the Google form. The text should be in Ukrainian or in English, 20,000 characters with spaces in pdf format. The image should be in jpeg format. You can send only text or only illustration, or text and illustration together.

Deadline is May 1st, 23:59. After the technical selection of works (checking for compliance with the language, volume of text, image format), educational online meetings will be held, and your works will be published on the website.

Team bonus — stickers for Telegram!

We will be waiting for your antytvir-works! Follow the news in your mailbox and social networks.