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Contact Attempt. Viktor Marushchenko School of Photography

From August 19th to September 16th Mala Gallery of Mystetskyi Arsenal presents the new show Contact Attempt. Viktor Marushchenko School of Photography. The exhibition is a part of the project Sensitivity. Contemporary Ukrainian Photography.

Viktor Marushchenko School of Photography, founded in 2004 in Kyiv, is one of the most famous in Ukraine. The credo of the School is the words of its founder, photographer Viktor Marushchenko (1946–2020): ‘Our task is not to teach how to use a camera, but to reveal the creative abilities and talents of a student.’

The main principle laid down in the educational program is the study of photography as a part of contemporary art, is the basic knowledge which is necessary for creative work in the modern photographic space. The school teaches the history of photography and an in-depth practical course. The forms of presenting a photograph are being determined — from a singular picture to a complex one, consisting of series and photo stories. Students learn how to work with a large array of images, how to edit, select images and form a clear expression from them.

The exhibition Contact Attempt presents the works of different generations of graduates of the School of Photography. Here are the works that are a figurative expression of the search process of a contemporary visual artist. The eternal search of her or his place in a changing and multifaceted world.

Participants: Viktor Kalmus, Yana Kononova, Dmytro Korenevsky, Oleksandr Martemianov, Marysia Myanovska, Maria Pavlenko, Roman Pashkovsky, Dmytro Stoikov, Zoya Shu, Yana Shcherbakova.

Curator — Valery Miloserdov.

Project partners: Viktor Marushchenko School of Photography, 5.6 magazine and 5.6 store.
The exhibition is the part of the exhibition Sensitivity. Contemporary Ukrainian Photography supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.