Book Arsenal

The International Book Arsenal Festival

Let’s recall that the Book Arsenal Festival was first held in 2011 and over the eight years, it reached the level of one of the most visited and most popular projects of the Mystetskyi Arsenal. Each year, the program of the Festival raises and reflects on the important issues of human existence, as well as of society and culture, encouraging the proactive position of the participants and visitors. 

In 2018, more than 50 thousand people attended the Festival and more than a hundred foreign guests from 32 countries took part in it, including writers, philosophers, publishing experts, intellectuals, illustrators and designers, etc. The festival encourages the translation of the world heritage and topical literature into Ukrainian and the interest of the world in Ukrainian writers. For the second time, the stand of the strategic partner of the Festival, the Frankfurt Book Fair, was presented at the Book Arsenal, and there is an agreement on the extended cooperation in 2019. 

The activities of the festival and the activeness of the Mystetskyi Arsenal Literary Laboratory during the year attract attention to reading as a leisure practice and personal development tool.