Compiled by

Olha Melnyk

Catalog of the exhibition materials

Viktoriia Velychko, Ihor Oksametnyi

Copyediting by

Olena Lysenko

Proofreading of Ukrainian by

Maryna Aleksandrovych

Translation by

Oleksandr Vynogradov, Nataliia Drapak

Proofreading of English by

Oksana Smerechuk, Micah Ling

Design and layout by

Alla Sorochan


Oleksandr Popenko

The publication contains materials from the multidisciplinary project Futuromarennia, dedicated to the phenomenon of Futurism in Ukraine in the 1910s–1930s. The complex research, carried out in the framework of this project, allowed to actualize the heritage of Futurism in literature, architecture, fine arts, theater, and cinema. The book presents current publications on Futurism by well-known researchers who acted as project consultants. It also includes the materials collected for the exhibition component of the project. The materials are presented in the format of a catalog in accordance with the thematic structure of the exposition, which took place in Mystetskyi Arsenal from October 15, 2021, to January 30, 2022. The publication is illustrated with works from museums and private collections.

Futuromarennia was an exhibition that presented a wide range of artistic phenomena related to Ukrainian Futurism: everything from paintings, embroidery and poetry to architectural designs produced during the first few decades of the 20th century in Ukraine. For Mystetskyi Arsenal, it was one of the series of exhibitions on Ukrainian cultural phenomena, which, during the Soviet era, were not discussed or simply suppressed. Nonetheless they had a decisive influence on the cultural scene in Ukraine both before the Second World and after Gorbachev’s liberalisation of public life. 

Currently, the publication is available only in digital format. The Mystetskyi Arsenal team is also working on the printed version. 

PE “NACMC “Mystetskyi Arsenal”, Kyiv, 2023

ISBN 978-966-97857-9-4

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