Ukrainian Fashion Week SS19Exhibitions

Ukrainian Fashion Week SS19

Ukrainian Fashion Week SS19

72 designers, 50 shows, 9 presentations, 3 special projects – 7 days, demonstrating the super power of Ukrainian fashion.

This is a great season. The authority and popularity of design brands participating in the Fashion Week. Quantity of collections. Ukrainian Fashion Week SS19 is impressive. If we were talking about the keyword of the season, I would say “responsibility”. Responsible clothing and responsible consumption are devoted to several projects. Responsibility for the authority of the country and for the quality of the “product” being exported is dedicated to the Forum of Creative Industries. Responsibility for the development of the Ukrainian fashion industry as a whole is dedicated to the 43rd and all previous Ukrainian Fashion Week seasons »- Irina Danilevska, organizer of the Ukrainian Fashion Week.

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The Fashion Tech Ukraine platform this season focus on conscious consumption in fashion and ways to solve problems triggered by fast fashion, with innovative technology solutions.
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