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The Signs Among Us

The Signs Among Us

Multidimensionality opens a new — multidisciplinary — way of translation which in addition to words includes audio/visual images. And now, having been translated into other languages, poetry has a chance not to lose the essential — rhythm, intonation, and pauses.
At the subconscious level — at the level of sounds, feelings, and touches — ‘rozdILovI’ speaks of love and tenderness, war, limbo and death, revival in memories, laugh and silence, and again — love and tenderness. The project  unites contemporary Ukrainian poetry, music, and visual arts.

Mystetskyi Arsenal invites you to the meeting with artists, translators and critics to talk about the text / music / visualization in the translation of poetry and the ‘rozdILovI’ project on March 3 at 2 p.m.

Olia Mykhailiuk / stage director, Kyiv
Serhiy Zhadan / writer, Kharkiv
Alexey Vorsoba / composer, Minsk
Tomasz Sikora / musician, Wrocław
Serhii Piliavets / VJ, Ivano-Frankivsk
Olesia Ostrovska-Liuta/ curator, Kyiv
Diana Barańska / culturologist, Warsaw
Claudia Dathe / translator, Berlin
Lorenzo Pompeo / translator, Rome
Miroslav Tomek / translator, Prague
Iryna Dmytrychyn / translator, Paris
Dmitry Leader / web developer, Kyiv
Oleksandr Bukreiev / designer, Luhansk
Anastasiia Milchakovska / designer, Dnipro

The meeting will be moderated by Polina Horodyska

According to the ticket you can also visit the exhibition ‘Amazing stories of Crimea’.
The event is organized by the ArtPole Agency and the Literature Laboratory of Mystetskyi Arsenal with the support of the Culture Bridges program and in partnership with the Polish Institute in Kyiv.