‘Amazing Stories Of Crimea’ exhibition openingExhibitions

‘Amazing Stories Of Crimea’ exhibition opening

‘Amazing Stories Of Crimea’ exhibition opening

On February 26 at 19:00 the exhibition ‘Amazing Stories Of Crimea’ will be opened at Mystetskyi Arsenal.
The glimmering sea, the rustling cypress trees, the waves crashing beneath the steep cliffs, the faint smell of lavender, the endless steppe with wormwood and burial mounds, and the light ochre-colored earth. This is the beautiful, but sometimes harsh, Crimea we see in pictures, drawings and photographs. And it seems that in the Ukrainian public consciousness Crimea is more a space, a landscape, than the home of countless cultures – some well-studied, others mysterious.

Who lived here and how? Who left these incredible burial mounds? These castles, minarets and columns? These ships and golden neck ornaments? What was life like here in ancient times and just a few hundred years ago? How best to imagine and understand the depth of Crimea’s fascinating history?

The Cimmerians, the Tauri, the Scythians, the Greeks, and later the Goths, the Sarmatians, the Byzantines, the Khazars, the Cumans (Polovtsi), the Genoese and the Venetians, the Ottoman Turks and the Crimean Tatars. This exhibition was created to take you through the history of the ancient peoples who inhabited this land. All these cultures became the source of the formation of the peoples of the peninsula. In particular, we will tell more about the indigenous ethnos of the Crimea – the Crimean Tatars.

Exceptional items from collections of 15 Ukrainian museums and private collections – from Scythian gold, weapons, artifacts to works of contemporary art, will tell the amazing stories about different epochs.

The exhibition opening –  February 26 at 19:00.
On February 27 the exhibition work hours – 11:00 -20:00
On February 26-27 admission is free for all visitors.

Organizers: Mystetskyi Arsenal, Crimean House.
Supported by Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.