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Defence of Sevastopol


Oleg Holosiy, Alexander Gnilitsky.

Date of creation


Courtesy of

Lesija Zajats and Ksenia Hnylytska




Oil on canvas

The Defense of Sevastopol diorama was created for the Kosyi Caponier art centre within the framework of the same exhibition of Ukrainian artists in 1992 (curator Anatol Stepanenko). Among the invited were Oleg Holosiy and Alexander Gnilitsky. Together in the workshop on Parkomuni, using a two-handed alla prima technique, artists created a 2×6 meters battle diorama. The five canvases were painted into the inner arched vault of the old building so that they formed one elongated image. The diorama was created in a very short time, so it only simulated the impression of an expanded vision, an expanded consciousness.

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