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Kurbas: New Worlds

Les Kurbas was an innovative director, who staged experimental theatre pieces in Kyiv and Kharkiv during the 1920s and transformed the idea of what is theatre. The exhibition focuses on three shows created by Les Kurbas at the Berezil Artistic Association in Kyiv (Gas, Jimmie Higgins and Macbeth) and three at his Berezil Theatre in Khakriv (The People’s Malakhi, Hello, This Is Radio 477! and Myna Mazailo). Reconstructed sets, original set models, costumes, sketches, posters, director’s scripts, documentary photographs, recordings of music and plays will be presented at Mystetskyi arsenal October 17 to December 2, 2018.

Organized by Mystetskyi Arsenal, Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema and Yara Arts Group


  • Project curators

    Virlana Tkacz

    Tetiana Rudenko

    Waldemart Klyuzko


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