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Every Day. Art. Solidarity. Resistance

Every Day. Art. Solidarity. Resistance
Мистецький Арсенал
вул. Лаврська, 10-12
Київ, Київська область 01010

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The project was supposed to open at Mystetskyi Arsenal on March 25th, on Freedom Day in Belarus. Due to quarantine restrictions in Kyiv, the “Every day. Art. Solidarity. Resistance” Exhibition opened for the visitors on the 3rd of May and was prolonged until the 6th of June.

“Every day” is the slogan protesters in Belarus shout to emphasize the duration and rhythm of the resistance, to express confidence that the protests will continue tomorrow, that they will not end. Since the first nights of police violence and days of mass mobilization in early August 2020, this phrase has reflected the temporality of the struggle. Amid the ongoing political crisis, the phrase “every day” unites people in a joint promise to take to the streets. The exhibition borrows this slogan and focuses on exploring solidarity, “weak” resistance tactics, revolutionary poetics, mechanisms of state violence, spatial and architectural dimensions of the protests.

Кожны дзень. Мастацтва. Салідарнасць. Супраціў
Curatorial intro to the exhibition.

Every Day. Art. Solidarity. Resistance exhibition draws upon artistic practices that resonate with the history and present moment of protest movements and solidarity networks. The emancipatory potential of art is manifested in the variety of forms and techniques. The art in the exhibition explores, models, and tests political reality, it becomes a direct criticism of power, an act of dissent. Like this protest movement, which does not have a center, this exhibition — its architecture, concept and curation — does not have a rigid linear structure. The space is organized along a series of conceptual nodes running through the whole exhibition that represent the ten terms in the exhibition glossary.

Being a gesture of solidarity with the revolutionary processes in Belarus, this exhibition presents a cross-section of contemporary art that constructs and manifests pulsating forms of interaction, resistance, collectiveness, and a future that we are already living today — every day.

Exhibition booklet.

Aleksei Borisionok, co-curator of the exhibition

Aleksei Borisionok (1992) – curator, writer, and organiser, who currently lives and works in Minsk and Vienna. He is a member of artistic-research group “Problem Collective” and “Work Hard! Play Hard!” working group. He writes about art and politics for various magazines, catalogues, and online platforms. His writings were published in “L’Internationale Online”, “Partisan”, “Moscow Art Magazine”, “Springerin”, “Hjärnstorm”, “Paletten”, “syg.ma” among others. In his current research, he focuses on the temporalities of postsocialism.

Andrei Dureika, co-curator of the exhibition

Andrei Dureika (1971) – artist and curator. Lives and works in Dusseldorf. Graduated from the Minsk State Art College (1991) and Dusseldorf Art Academy (2004). Archives and chronicles Belarusian actual art abroad. Member of the expert council of the KALEKTAR / ZBOR research platform of Belarusian contemporary art.

Marina Naprushkina, co-curator of the exhibition

Marina Naprushkina (1981) – artist, lives and works in Berlin. Founder of the Office for Anti-Propaganda platform, New Neighborhood / Moabit initiatives. Her work is aimed at creating structures based on self-organization. Participant of international exhibitions and biennials: 11th Istanbul Biennale, 7th Berlin Biennale, Kyiv Biennale, and others. Author of books and texts.

Antonina Stebur, co-curator of the exhibition

Antonina Stebur (1984) — curator, researcher. Graduated from the European Humanities University (2009), School of Engaged Art “Chto Delat” (What is to be done?)(2019). Antonina is a co-founder of the #damaudobnayavbytu project on gender discrimination in Belarus, a co-founder of the research group on activist art “Spaika”, member of the “AGITATSIA” research group. She is one of the authors of “The History of Belarusian Photography” book.

Maxim Tyminko, co-curator of the exhibition

Maxim Tyminko (1972) – media artist and curator. Lives and works in Amsterdam. Studied at the Minsk State Art College (1987-1991) and Academy of Media Arts Cologne (2000-2006). Founder of the self-publishing platform Antibrainwash.net, co-founder and editor of the platform Cultprotest.me, co-founder and developer of the pxFLUX media art distribution platform.

Sergey Shabohin, co-curator of the exhibition

Sergey Shabohin (1984) – artist, curator, activist, founder, and chief editor of the portal of contemporary Belarusian art ArkAktivist.org, co-founder and chief editor of the platform of contemporary Belarusian art KALEKTAR.org. Lives and works in Poznan. Studied at the Gymnasium-College of Arts named after I.O. Akhremchik (2002) and the Belarusian State Academy of Arts (2009). Themes: communities, public space, museums and archives, fear, and the social body.


  • Curators
    Aleksei Borisionok
    Andrei Dureika
    Marina Naprushkina
    Sergey Shabohin
    Antonina Stebur
    Maxim Tyminko


    Yuliya Vaganova


    Project manager
    Anna Pohribna


    Project coordination
    Natasha Chychasova


    Technical director
    Serhii Diptan


    Exhibition architecture
    Oleksandr Burlaka


    Graphic design
    Lera Guevska
    Alla Sorochan


    Educational program
    Sofia Riabchuk
    Nicole Katenkari
    Kateryna Makarova
    Anastasiia Yablonska


    PR & communications
    Dariia Zhdanova

  • Artists

    Raman Aksionau
    Tasha Arlova
    Yauhen Attsetski
    Rufina Bazlova
    Anatoly Belov
    Bergamot group
    Vika Biran & Olga Łaniewska
    Nadia Buzhan
    Mitya Churikov
    Problem Collective
    Alena Davidovich
    Paul Dorokhin
    Andrei Dureika
    Dzmitry Dzmitryjeu
    Free Choir
    Zhanna Gladko
    Janna Grak
    Mikhail Gulin
    Work Hard! Play Hard!
    Honest People
    Uladzimir Hramovich
    Воris Iwanow
    Nikita Kadan
    Nikolay Karabinovych
    Karol Radziszewski
    Sergey Kiryuschenko
    Aleksander Komarov
    Sergey Kozhemyakin
    Zakhar Kudin
    Alexei Kuzmich
    Yuriy Ledyan
    Ulia Liashkevich & Julia Golovina
    Lipovy Cvet group
    Victoria Lomasko
    Artyom Loskutov
    Alexey Lunev
    Sergiy Maidukov
    Angelina Mass
    Victor Melamed
    Vika Mitrichenko
    Hanna Murajda
    Marina Naprushkina
    Ulyana Nevzorova
    Nikolay Oleynikov & Anya Kurbatova
    Nick Osadchiy
    Vasilisa Palianina
    Uladzimir Pazniak
    Lesia Pcholka
    Dan Perjovschi
    Ales Pushkin
    Ania Redko
    Maxim Sarychau
    Ala Savashevich
    Nadya Sayapina
    Daria Sazanovich
    Konstantsin Selikhanov
    Sergey Shabohin
    Jana Shostak
    Olga Shparaga
    Jura Shust
    Antanina Slabodchykava
    Slavs and Tatars
    Anton Snt
    Anna Sokolova
    Tamara Sokolova
    Olia Sosnovskaya
    Karolis Strautniekas
    Masha Svyatogor
    Aliaxey Talstou
    Alexey Terexov
    Igor Tishin
    Jouri Toreev
    Raman Tratsiuk
    Daria Trublina
    Vladimir Tsesler
    Maxim Tyminko
    Igor Varkulevich
    Alexander Vasukovich
    Ilia Yerashevich
    Oleg Yushko
    Alesia Zhitkevich

    Posters and flags are provided by the platforms
    Cultprotest.me and Antibrainwash.net.
    Museum of Flags Flags.dze.chat

  • The project is implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation


    Project Partners
    Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Ukraine
    Heinrich Boell Foundation Kyiv

    FES Regional Office «Dialogue Eastern Europe»
    Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Ukraine and Belarus
    Representative Office of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine
    Belarusian Culture Solidarity Foundation


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    UA: Radio Culture
    Belsat TV


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    Our special gratitude to
    Valentyna Kiselova and Anna Chystosierdova