The Mystetskyi Arsenal and the Dovzhenko Centre announce consistent cooperation for 2023About Us

The Mystetskyi Arsenal and the Dovzhenko Centre announce consistent cooperation for 2023

In 2023, the Mystetskyi Arsenal and the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre will start systematic cooperation in programming. The joint work of the two institutions will involve holding a series of events within the framework of culture projects in Ukraine and abroad. Such cooperation is aimed at supporting Ukrainian culture figures, enhancing the voices of Ukrainian institutions on the global cultural arena, and building sustainable inter-institutional relations within Ukrainian cultural community.

The cooperation will begin with screening the film The Stone Cross (1968, directed by Leonid Osyka) within the educational program for the “Heart of Earth” exhibition that is being held at the Mystetskyi Arsenal since November 25, 2022. The film screening will be accompanied by a cinematographic commentary. The event is scheduled for January 2023.

A series of joint events by the Mystetskyi Arsenal and the Dovzhenko Centre are planned for February 2023 during the Vilnius Book Fair, with the International Book Arsenal Festival presenting its special programme.

The programming plans of the two institutions will also involve: a film programme within the framework of educational events at the “Futuromarennia. Ukrainian Avant-Garde” exhibition (April-September 2023, Tallinn, Estonia) in the KUMU museum, one of the largest museum spaces in Estonia and Northern Europe; joint participation of the Mystetskyi Arsenal and the Dovzhenko Centre in the Leipzig Book Fair (April 27 – April 30, 2023, Leipzig, Germany); events, performances, and film screenings within the project activities of the Book Arsenal Festival.

Mystetskyi Arsenal is Ukraine’s flagship cultural institution that brings together various arts – from contemporary art, new music and theatre to literature and museum development. The mission of the Mystetskyi Arsenal is to contribute to modernization of Ukrainian society and Ukraine’s integration into the global context based on the axiological potential of culture.

Dovzhenko Center is the largest and the only internationally recognized Film Archive of Ukraine that stores more than 10,000 titles (more than 60,000 storage units) of feature, documentary, animated both Ukrainian and foreign films, more than 24,000 archival documents on the history of Ukrainian cinema, and more than 400 museum exhibits. The Dovzhenko Center is the only Ukrainian member of the International Federation of Film Archives.