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Open Call for artists and researchers working with photography

Laboratory of Contemporary Art of Mystetskyi Arsenal  «Mala Gallery» launches an open call for submissions from artists and researchers working with photography for the Conscious sensation programme.

The program aims to explore the topic of identity, personal and collective memory through the original, archival and appropriated photography.

The program implies a short alternative educational format for artists and photographers with an exhibition of final projects. The practical part of the Program includes reviews and discussions of the projects, individual mentoring and work with the photo archives. The theoretical part provides lectures by photographers and art historians on themes that are related to the Programme.

The total duration of the programme is around one month. Lectures, reviews, and workshops for the artists will be held at Mala Gallery of Mystetskyi Arsenal on the 16th – 20th of August.

The exhibition of participants’ projects is scheduled for the late September.

* The schedule of the Programme may be subject to minor changes which will be agreed with the participants in advance.

Terms of participation and detailed information about the Program