Crowdfunding campaign ArtLords and Wartists, Inc. to support the artists and cultural workersAbout Us

Crowdfunding campaign ArtLords and Wartists, Inc. to support the artists and cultural workers

The ArtLords activists’ movement and Wartists, Inc., based in the United States, in cooperation with Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kyiv launch the campaign to support the artists and cultural workers who resist the war led by Russia in Ukraine, be it through art, volunteering or mobilization, and those who need help to move and take care of basic safety to continue working as art activists. Living under uncertain extreme conditions, they need support to preserve themselves and be able to create art in the future.

We want to encourage the global community to help save the vibrant Ukrainian art scene and empower artistic voices speaking about the ongoing war. Please donate at Mighty Cause platform.

The raised funds will be distributed to the artists by the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund, joint initiative of NGO Museum of Contemporary Art, Zaborona, The Naked Room and Mystetskyi Arsenal.

Above and beyond, the funds donated for this campaign will be used to support Ukrainian artists who have gone through traumatic personal experience and need financial aid to go through it, to adapt to the new conditions of war and post-war existence. It may also be used to give them jobs, to organize art therapy sessions in art centers, shelters and refugee centers for Ukrainian people struggling with trauma and other mental health issues.

Artwork by: Oleg Gryshchenko

Wartists, Inc. is an initiative of ArtLords for the artists and activists (Artivists) in the frontlines of war and violence. It is a non-for-profit organization with 501c3 status, registered in the United States.

ArtLords was established in 2014 in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is a global grassroots movement of artivists motivated by the desire to pave the way for social transformation and behavioral change through employing the soft power of art and culture as a non-intrusive approach. Wartists, Inc. and ArtLords assisted Afghan artists during the last August’s Taliban conquering Afghanistan. At this moment, Wartists and ArtLords are sharing its expertise and institutional resource to help Ukraine and Ukrainian artists.