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Antytvir 2023 open call

Book Arsenal invites teenagers to participate in the Antytvir 2023 project

Antytvir is a project for teenagers in grades 8-11 who write, illustrate and/or draw works using non-standard approaches. Antytvir usually takes place within the International Book Arsenal Festival.

This year, all the antytvir-works will be accepted, without any evaluation by the jury or awards; the work of each participant, once it undergoes technical selection, will be posted on the Book Arsenal website. The Antytvir project aims at recording the experiences of teenagers who, in addition to their own personal crises and searches, are experiencing the war.

The theme of Antytvir 2023 is “Shades of Changes”.

“Changes are the integral part of our life. Every change has its own shade, colour, and energy that affects our perception of the world. Like a mosaic of pieces of glass in different shades, the story of life in times of changes consists of unique moments seen through the eyes of hundreds of people. From these descriptions, the future generations will little by little collect the general picture of how we lived and what we felt,” the team of the project says.

Read more about the theme of Antytvir 2023 here.

When creating your antytvir-works, we offer to reflect on:

  • changes as a way to enrich your life experience;
  • the importance of tracing every shade of changes, both positive and negative;
  • being ready for changes, and whether it is possible at all.

In your antytvir-work, we encourage you to choose an unusual form, perspective. You can tell your story on behalf of a subject, dedicate your whole work to the moment of destruction or the process of construction; write about something existing or fictional; do it in the form of a text-message novel, a graphic novel, or write and illustrate your own work.

To participate in the Antytvir 2023 project, you should:

  • be a student of 8–11 grade;
  • attach your antytvir-work to the Google form. The text should be in Ukrainian or in English, 15,000 characters with spaces in pdf format. The image should be in jpeg format. You can send only text, or only illustration, or text and illustration together.

UPD! The deadline is June 11th, 23:59. After the technical selection of works (checking for compliance with the language, volume of text, image format), your works will be published on the website.

The educational programme for the contestants will be held in June. It includes a series of online workshops by creative writing professionals, writers, and a motivational lecture by partners from the UK.

Funded by the British Council International Collaboration Grants programme with support from The Times & Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival

We will be waiting for your antytvir-works! Follow the news in your mailbox and social networks.

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