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Heart of Earth: 3D tour of the exhibition

Mystetskyi Arsenal presents the virtual tour of the “Heart of Earth” exhibition.

Now the exhibition is available 24/7 to everyone who appreciates modern Ukrainian art in any corner of the world 👉 just click on the image below ⤵️


3D tour developed by AERO3D company

Three exhibition halls and the entrance area are available for online viewing. Visitors to the 3D tour can view in detail the works (painting, photography, video, sculpture, graphics, installation) of 16 Ukrainian artists, as well as read in Ukrainian and English about the concept of each exhibition hall and the works displayed there.

The virtual tour will also be available after the exhibition project is completed on February 26, 2023. 

The exhibition “Heart of the Earth” focuses on the relationship between the land, the people who value this land, and the food born from their interaction.

With the beginning of the full-scale war, we have seen how our black soils are being polluted and poisoned, particularly in the south and east of the country. This transformation echoes the trauma of Soviet industrialization — the mindless destruction of the steppes and soil depletion, which was a consequence of internal Stalinist colonization and the subordinate status of Ukraine. Today, the empire resorts to the same means of violence and control, using the land and its fruits as instruments of terror.

The history of prolonged violence — the Holodomor, genocide, and ecocide — is tragically familiar to Ukraine. However, today we are talking about a threat not only to Ukraine but also to global environmental and food security. The war has shown the connection of everything with everything: very different lands and people who previously knew little about each other, plants and people, land and food, and man with it. Blocked ports, burned grain, devastated and poisoned earth in Ukraine, like the flap of a butterfly’s wings, has consequences much farther in other places.

Violence can be prevented by resistance: political and military. Courage and ability to resist. However, not only this. Another important way is the ability to care about the land and the people who live on it and protect it, and the ability to raise your voice and tell your own story.

Curatorial text for the “Heart of Earth” exhibition

Funded by the Stabilisation Fund for Culture and Education 2022 of the German Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut.