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(Re)contexts. Stories

Within the context of the (Re)contexts. Stories program, Mala Gallery Contemporary Art Lab  invited artists selected through the open call to bring up observations of everyday, collective and personal stories into artistic projects.

The sterile gallery space features works that overwhelms personal stories and local contexts and are brought to the public space - whether watching people in a drunken state at Darnytsa (Yulia Kisil), or collecting material from social networks that capture Independence Day in Ukraine. Private stories appear in the form of experiencing socialization through meal in the office team (Vitaliy Yankovy), feeling of distance and psychological stress at school (Misha Buksha), or observing anarchic changes in the urban space of postsoviet cities (Maria Pavlenko; Alexandra Kovaleva).

The exhibition is the result of the first part of the program, the second part and the final exhibition will be held in the early 2020.

Participants: Misha Buksha, Yuliya Kisil, Oleksandra Kovaleva, Kateryna Lesiv, Victoria Mironyuk, Anastasia Krasnozhon, Halyna Lavrinets, Konstantin Solodukhin, Yuri Yudin, Teresa Yakovina, Maria Pavlenko, Yaryna Saylenko, Olga Saenko, Olga Saenko, Olga Salo, Vitaly Yankovy.

The exhibition will run until October 20th
10, Lavrska street, Kyiv. Laboratory of Contemporary Art of Mystetskyi Arsenal Mala Gallery
Working hours:
12:00-20:00, Tuesday - Sunday
Free admission