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POPTRANS. Remote vision

Often spontaneous and unconscious, serious and sometimes provocative, but the visually appealing informal artistic scene of Uzhhorod has not yet been explored or described by the history of art.
The art group Poptrans was created in 1996 as a resistance to a conservative artistic cell. The participants of the group wanted an independent statement, and therefore in their practice they reconsidered the issues of freedom of creativity and mass culture. Poptrans's works combine the aesthetics of pop art, the conceptual approach and the ironic reflection of the everyday life of the post-Soviet context of Transcarpathia.
The project will present the collective and individual practices of the main participants of the art group - painting, texts, samizdaty, video documentation of exhibitions and performances, as well as photographs from the archives of artists.

Participants and participants: Vadim Kharabaruk, Robert Saller, Pavel Kovach Senior, Natasha Shevchenko, Andriy Stegura, Marsel Onisko and other temporary participants.
Within the framework of the project it is planned to prepare a printed edition on informal art of Uzhgorod.

The exhibition will last until May 5.