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‘Hostages’ play

Based on the work of the famous British playwright David Edgar ‘Pentecost’

Church. Mosque. Stable. Torture chamber. Warehouse. Arsenal. Cemetery. The play is set in an abandoned church, where a sensational fresco was discovered. A local art curator claims that the Renaissance began in Eastern Europe. Probably, the history of Western art will be rewritten completely. The Ministry of Culture, nationalists, the President of the Court, the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, international experts and the art curator compete for the valuable fresco, with which they see their bright future. But everything changes when the church is captured by refugees ...

The work of Second Floor theatre laboratory of Mystetskyi arsenal with the play ‘Pentecost’ demonstrates the complete cycle of adaptation of the dramatic European text to the Ukrainian cultural context – 'from translation to performance'. The work on the material was started in 2017 with translation of the play into Ukrainian and its publication by the Anetta Antonenko Publishing House. Then were stage readings with the author. The long–term project of working with the text of the classics of modern British drama finished the premiere of the production at Mystetskyi arsenal.

David Edgar is one of the most iconic representatives of the British post–1960 playwright generation. The author of more than 60 plays, which were staged at the Royal National Theater, since 1976 as a long–term association – at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Birmingham Repertory Theater, Royal Court, many theatres in the USA, Canada, Eastern, Central and Western Europe, Australia.

Directed by Olha Danyliuk
Second director: Dmytro Zakhozhenko
Scenic Designer: Fedir Aleksandrovych
Сostume designer: Olha Danyliuk
Music director: Stas Firsov
Lighting director: Yevhen Kopiov
Projection video: Oleksandr Bezverkhyi
Multimedia engineer: Stanislav Holtvanychenko 

Oliver – Oleksii Dorichevskyi
Gabriela – Yulia Linnyk
Leo – Maksym Kaniuka
Father Boyevich – Oleh Shushpannikov
Father Karia – Denys Yarov
Cleopatra, girl – Milana Bekova
Minister Chaba – Ihor Cheban
Raif – Volodymyr Nadutchenko 
Abdul – Vlad Matviichuk
Edilkova – Larysa Semyrozumenko
Secretary, Police officer, Tony – Anna Chervinska
Amira, violinist – Hanna Hlukhenka
Yasmin – Yelyzaveta Tsilyk
Pusbas, Gregory, First Soldier – Dmytro Hyriavets
Antonio, Second Soldier – Vova Hurin
Fatima – Inna Bulbotko
Nico, Swede – Dmytro Vovchuk
Trotsky – Fedir Aleksandrovych
Paratroopers – fighter of 138 center of special purpose (counteraction to sabotage and terrorism), The Law Enforcement Military Service.