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Architecture. Community. Time.

The city is an arena for the public relations that reflect the structure of society. Citizens provide the energy of the city, its indispensable part. Their lives create the pulse of the city and its behavioral pattern. The urban community is an important actor with a special right of voice in the city’s development. But this entity has lost its power or, perhaps, even ceased to exist because of the complicated history of our country. An immature civil society, an unwillingness to express the collective opinion – reasons why the historical context and unique aspect of cities disappear in favor of inferior modern architecture.
The lack of architectural power generates an uncontrolled and miscellaneous variety of small forms: glazed balconies, insulated facades, “MAFs”, etc. These small forms became not only the symbols of the urban culture but also, perhaps, the calling card of the latest stage in the history of Ukrainian architecture.

On February 7 at 18:30
 the exhibition will be opened at the ‘Mala Gallery’ Laboratory of Contemporary Art.

The project ‘Architecture. Community. Time’ creates a room for the dialogue, discovers the phenomenon of building in the urban space, social connections, historical and cultural heritage. 5.6 magazine team has prepared a critical issue of the magazine on the relationships among communities, developers and architects. The main goal is to show the chaotic state of construction in Ukrainian cities. Along with the opening of the exhibition, the 5.6 magazine ‘Architecture. Community. Time.’ will be presented.

Architecture can not speak, but photos of project participants (including professional photographers, architects, journalists and designers) can represent urban transformations of the public space.
Talking about the modern city is extremely important, as in the near future, people will live mostly in big cities. However, «how» can we start this conversation, especially taking into account the previous urban layers, few can imagine!
Project curator: Alex Bykov

The exhibition will be on display until February 27.
Location where the exhibition takes place: 
10, Lavrska street, Kyiv. Laboratory of Contemporary Art of Mystetskyi Arsenal 'Mala Gallery'.
Working hours: 
Tuesday-Sunday, 12:00-20:00.
Free entrance