Untitled. From the Maidan seriesExhibitions

Untitled. From the Maidan series


Untitled. From the Maidan series


Maksym Bilousov (UA)

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Like many other photographers, Maksym Bilousov, with his own camera, kept a chronicle of events that took place on Maidan. There is no historical pathos in his pictures, on the contrary, there are many simple everyday moments, pure emotions. Thus, Serhiy Nigoyan’s portrait, made by Bilousov, became one of the canonical images of Maidan and was shown at many exhibitions. However, there is only one picture in this collection where you can see people—the crowd, in which it is impossible to distinguish faces, a force that managed to win. Instead, there are a lot of simple items in the photos that made up the life of the protesters and through which they often expressed their aspirations and feelings.

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