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Sendeschluss / End of Broadcast V


Sendeschluss / End of Broadcast V


Wolfgang Tillmans (GE)

Date of creation


Courtesy of

David Zwirner, New York, London, Hong Kong, and the artist


Chromogenic print mounted on Dibond aluminum in frame

Wolfgang Tillmans’ Sendeschluss / End of Broadcast V is the enlarged pixel pattern of television static, which occurs when there is no transmission or because of censorship or other, more forceful restrictions. Tillmans captured this image in 2014 from a hotel television in St. Petersburg. At the time, the Russian government was carrying out military interventions in eastern Ukraine in the aftermath of the Maidan Revolution, annexing Crimea, enacting anti-gay legislation, and restricting the dissemination of images of protests against the state. Given this context we can see the work as a picture of protest, as a subtle critique of the state.

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