Kyiv 2014 from the series BarricadesExhibitions

Kyiv 2014 from the series Barricades


Kyiv 2014 from the series Barricades


Pavel Wolberg (RU)

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Dvir Gallery and the artist




Inkjet print

Pavel Wolberg series of panoramic photos show the Maidan barricades and dividing fences, separating walls and improvised borders as signifiers of conflict and social upheaval. They are architectural elements that appear in an instance, redefining their surroundings drastically, creating a landscape that is constantly reshaped and re-conquered, hence remains chaotic. The series centers around the relationship between the people who take part in the protests and the horizon of the chaotic landscape scenery. By choosing the panoramic framework, the horizon gives an illusion of the end of space and the limit of the photographs. Through the horizon Wolberg examines the tension between the apparently endlessness of the landscape and the confined spaces created by the various kinds of barricades. It is no longer a passive visual terrain, but an instrument of reformation of the political and social landscape.

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