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Drawing on Maidan


Lesia Khomenko (UA)

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the artist


Series of drawings


29,7 х 21 sm

On December 1, 2013, at the Independence Square (Maidan), in Kyiv there formed a tent city, surrounded by handmade barricades. It was a civil response to the authorities‘ violence against peaceful protests. As an untimely manifestation of protest, the tent city started to live its autonomous, unique life. On a small scale, a new model of utopian state has originated here. The camp has operated solely on volunteer bases—the self-sacrifice reigned here, and everything was free of charge. Lesia Khomenko decided to test—whether an artist may be a part of this exchange? And if an artist is needed at all in this situation? Since she is interested in functioning of history, in historical consciousness and mythologizing Khomenko decided to portray members of Maidan, offering to give them an original portrait as a present. Regularly visiting Maidan, the artist made 171 drawing. For herself, she left the only copy made with “carbon paper”—indicating that the art system can only claim a copy of reality.

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