A Glass of MilkExhibitions


A Glass of Milk


Jack Goldstein (CA)

Date of creation


Courtesy of

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam




16 mm film


4 minutes, 42 seconds

Can an image provoke a collective emotion and capture a shared sentiment? Jack Goldstein was a leading figure of the Pictures Generation, a group of artists based in New York that aimed to reflect upon questions of the power of representation, through the use of quotation, framing and staging. In one of his early films A Glass of Milk, Goldstein methodically slams his fist on a card table causing a glass of milk to spill and eventually fall over. A strong example of how a relatively simple image can convey something that is hard to describe in words: a universal sentiment of a building tension that keeps a grip on society, and eventually will “break the camel’s back.” 

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