The selection of videos: discussions of the XI Book ArsenalAbout Us

The selection of videos: discussions of the XI Book Arsenal

Many discussions that took place during the 11th International Book Arsenal Festival highlighted important social, political, cultural, and artistic processes and contexts that became particularly significant for Ukraine, Ukrainian society, and the world due to the full-scale Russian war in Ukraine. The Festival team made sure that fans of the Book Arsenal could watch some of the discussions on the YouTube channel of the Mystetskyi Arsenal. So we invite you to watch and listen to the following videos!

The following videos from the discussions are available in English:

More discussions are available in Ukrainian, in particular, you can watch the following videos:

You can also watch the  video that shows the atmosphere of this year’s festival ⤵️

📌 Videos — Yuri Gryaznov, Natalia Pyrohova and the media service MEGOGO