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Book Arsenal helps Ukrainian literature to conquer the world

The International Book Arsenal Festival presents the Ukrainian Literature: Rights Now! Program which is aimed at presenting possibilities of the Ukrainian book market to foreign publishers and to encourage them to translate Ukrainian literature in their countries.

‘Ukrainian Literature: Rights Now!’ is a part of the professional program of the International Book Arsenal Festival that aims to introduce Ukrainian literature, book market, writers, and grant opportunities to foreign audience.

The project is funded by the EU as part of the EU4Business initiative and implemented by EBRD.

Due to the imposition of quarantine and the postponement of the 10th Book Arsenal, the professional program of the festival goes online. Its relevance is enhanced by the launch of 3 grant programs to support translations of Ukrainian literature into foreign languages.

The geography and time frames of such a project are also expanding, as Ukrainian publishers have the opportunity to be introduced to partners who would not attend the festival physically.

The components of the Ukrainian Literature: Rights Now! Program:

  • series of video lectures in English on Ukrainian literature (contemporary, classic, children’s, non-fiction), on the development of the book market and on grant programs for foreign publishers and literary agents;
  • educational program for Ukrainian publishers on sale of rights online;
  • series of materials with advice for Ukrainian publishers on how to access various foreign markets;
  • online B2B meetings between Ukrainian and foreign publishers on purchase of rights for Ukrainian books.

If you’ll decide to take part in online B2B meetings with Ukrainian publishers on June 18-19, 2020, please fill in this short application form  till May 19, 2020. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

“Due to the pandemic, the world has changed dramatically and the approaches in the publishing business have changed, as we acquire new skills and new ways of communication. We are transforming from the usual formats of book exhibitions and festivals, where the first acquaintances usually took place and the copyrights were bought, to the online format and look for the ways to understand and engage in dialogue via screens. But despite the formats, literature has been and still is a way of understanding between cultures and societies, it is an opportunity to hear each other. So, by supporting translations of Ukrainian literature into other languages, we increase the chances for Ukraine to be heard and understood all over the world”, said the curator of the program, Oksana Hmeliovska.

“Due to the Ukraine’s export strategy, book publishing is one of the leading creative industries identified at the governmental level as one of the priority areas for export development. According to statistics, the Ukrainian publishing industry is holding on the small and medium-sized businesses, and therefore needs special support. Over the last few years, the EBRD, with the financial support of the EU under the EU4Business initiative, has been implementing a comprehensive program aiming to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine. One of its components is the Ukrainian Literature: Rights Now! Program which is focused on supporting of Ukrainian publishers in their quest to access the world market because that has become a more difficult task during the quarantine. The activities we organize within the program are intended to help the Ukrainian book find its place on the shelves of foreign readers by establishing direct B2B contacts between Ukrainian and foreign publishers”, commented Yulia Krevska, representative of EBRD.

According to the Book Arsenal poll, Ukrainian publishers distinguish the most attractive markets as follows (in descending order of interest): Poland, Germany, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Lithuania, Czech Republic, China, Austria, Belarus, Italy, Scandinavian and Arab countries.

The International Book Arsenal Festival has been annually held within the walls of the Mystetskyi Arsenal’s historic building since 2011. This is a grand intellectual event of Ukraine, where book, literary, art scenes develop and interact, where important issues of human existence, as well as society and culture are raised and comprehended, encouraging a proactive position of participants and visitors.

The mission of the Book Arsenal is to create interactions where the combination of aesthetic experience and intellectual inclusion in the context of the book enhances the capacity of human and society.