A limited edition of the “Futuromarennia” catalog was printedAbout Us

A limited edition of the “Futuromarennia” catalog was printed

Specifically for the “Futuromarennia: Ukraine and the Avant-Garde” exhibition which will open on March 17th in Drogenbos, Belgium, the FeliX Art & Eco Museum has printed a limited edition of the “Futuromarennia” catalog. We extend our gratitude to our colleagues for their comprehensive support and for the special edition of the catalog, which was prepared earlier as part of the Kyiv project held at the Mystetskyi Arsenal in 2021-2022. This publication, containing articles by renowned Ukrainian and international researchers on Futurism, will be available to exhibition visitors thanks to the incredible support of FeliX Art & Eco Museum.

“The central element of the ‘Futuromarennia’ identity is the font, which seems to be constantly in motion, disappearing and reappearing, like flickering or a dream. From it, did the dynamic and plastic nature of the ‘Futuromarennia’ logo emerge. It creates numerous typographic compositions, always unexpected, from readable to abstract patterns,” says Kostyantyn Martsenkivskyi, the graphic designer of the ‘Futuromarennia’ project.

“During the catalog production, it was crucial to maintain the exhibition design stylewhile at the same time not limiting ourselves to it and delving deeper into the exploration of Ukrainian design during the Futurism era. The typography of the cover, chapter initials (drop caps), endpapers and dividers, colors – all of this was aptly borrowed from the exhibition’s identity. The text block’s appearance is based on a reimagining of the layout style of Ukrainian theater posters and magazines from the early 20th century. I believe it turned out to be a wonderful collection that not only immerses the reader in the realm of Futurism but also inspires independent exploration of the Ukrainian heritage,” says Alla Sorochan, the designer who worked on the design and layout of the catalog.

“The exhibition and catalog identity are inspired by typographic techniques of the 1920s and the plasticity of Futurist painting. It’s vital for us to reinterpret our heritage and manifest it in contemporary design, maintaining the continuity of style,” says Lera Guievska, the art director of the Mystetskyi Arsenal.

The catalog is available for viewing online here.

400 copies of the catalog will be available to visitors who attend the Ukrainian exhibition from March 17th to September 8th this year.

The catalog includes relevant publications on Futurism by renowned scholars who acted as project consultants. It also features the key materials collected for the exhibition within the project.

The project “Futuromarennia: Ukraine and the Avant-Garde” is implemented by the FeliX Art & Eco Museum of Contemporary Art and the Mystetskyi Arsenal in partnership with the Museum of Theater, Music, and Cinema Arts of Ukraine, the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the Dnipro Art Museum, the Dovzhenko Centre, the National Research Restoration Center of Ukraine, the Central State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine, the Kharkiv Private Museum of Urban Estate, the Lviv Museum of the History of Religion, Valentyna Kostyukova, and Tetiana Kara-Vasylieva.