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Wilderness / Nazar Furyk

Wilderness / Nazar Furyk is an exhibition of  Contemporary Art Laboratory of Mystetskyi Arsenal.

The exhibition represents the artist's five-year body of work and combines projects that are different, almost opposite, in their concept and methods of work. In his current photographic practice, Nazar Furyk refers to nature and the thing that surround him. He captures, or more often, arranges everyday still lives and landscapes, combines artificial objects and the natural environment, cultivates a deliberate precise chaos of things. Nazar Furyk's works are the embodied need for photographic action, aesthetic exercises with an error wittingly embedded in them.
Not manipulating the image, he designs the very «reality» which he then captures, questioning the indexical function of the medium and emphasizing the surrealistic nature of the photographic image.

Curator: Max Gorbatskyi
The exhibition will run until November 10
10, Lavrska street, Kyiv. Mala Gallery of Mystetskyi Arsenal 
Working hours: 12 – 8 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday
Free entrance