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Fast. Easy. Precariously

Modern life is increasingly associated with the use of digital platforms and mobile applications to order services, find housing, work or a partner, taxi service or food delivery. The platforms offer users simplicity, flexibility and efficiency— in one click you can place an order or find a customer, choose a service or number of working hours, work and consume of your choice. However, very often the convenient interface of digital platform hides the schemes of labour operation and the lack of security guarantees for both customers and employees, and the freedom promised by them in practice is dictated by the algorithm.

The spread of the platform, or so-called gig economy, is today perhaps the most threatening global trend in the labour market. Gig economy destroys the established structures of labour relations using the model of fictitious self-employment, based on digital platforms. This implies the most precarious conditions: lack of health insurance, social guarantees and permanent employment, payment for work performed, operation of employees' own equipment, use of algorithms to coordinate and monitor their actions.

Exhibition "Fast. Easy. Precarious” explores the phenomenon of the gig economy through the analysis of experiences of interaction and cooperation with various digital platforms and understanding the state of precariousness— unprotected and unstable work. By complementing artistic expressions with public program activities, the project aims to create a field for dialogue and solidarity between participants, researchers, activists and spectators.

Participants: Valeria Zubatenko, Borys Kashapov, Nikita Kravtsov, Anna Sorokovaya, Iryna Stasiuk, David Chichkan, eeefff group, SOSka group.

Curator — Hanna Tsyba.
The exhibition is supported by the Solidarity Center and the NGO "Labour Initiatives".
The exhibition will last in the Laboratory of Contemporary Art "Mala Gallery of Mystetskyi Arsenal" until November, 25.