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The publishing house specializes in children’s literature and literature in foreign languages.


Державне спеціалізоване видавництво «Музична Україна»

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The main occupation of the Publishing House is publication of printed music and musicological literature, text books and study guides for music schools, composers and music critics, professional and folk art groups, musicians and lovers of music

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Крокуй! KyivLab

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Крокуй! KyivLab comes with new format and new content of city souvenirs, intellectual products about Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, gifts for big and small travelers! Books, maps, postcards, travel sets for tourists, games and souvenirs.

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Charity project LuckyBooks

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Charity project LuckyBooks, the initiative of the CF I am the Future of Ukraine and the IT company LuckyLabs, publishes pop-science books for teens in Ukrainian language and distributes them for free to libraries,in particular,in the Eastern Ukraine.

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Vovkulaka LLC

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Comic book publishing from Ukrainian authors and licensed comics. We specialize in fantasy themes and mostly for adult age.

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UA Comics

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The UA Comics specializes in the creation and publication of Ukrainian comic books, science fiction and fantasy.

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The Will Production

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Our team creates and distributes Ukrainian comics, as well as related products to them since 2016. We try to attract as many people as possible to our projects to give them the opportunity to creative self-realization exactly in our country.

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Teza Publishers

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Children’s fiction, English and German readers

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The specialization of our publishing house is the modern Ukrainian book for the modern Ukrainian children. Our motto is “Fountain of fairy tales – to drink a dream!” Our priority is a new names, trends, styles of a new children literature.


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