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The Festival of young Ukrainian artists in Mystetskyi arsenal

On Thursday, September 28, at 18:30 a ceremonial opening of the Festival of young Ukrainian artists will be held in Mystetskyi arsenal.

The Festival program includes 67 art projects, which were selected by the Festival curators Lizaveta German, Maria Lanko and Kateryna Filiuk on a competitive basis with works that are in tune with the theme of the Festival.

While working on the project, the curators invited artists to think of the categories of change, which characterize the present time – blurring of topographical boundaries, fragility of national states, variety of identities, disappearance of boundaries between present and past. According to the curators, there were shifts in understanding the time and history categories, and conceptual limits of understanding the past, present and future are now interchangeable.

Lizaveta German, Maria Lanko and Kateryna Filiuk invited artists to think of the alternative Present models and reflex the theme “Today, which never happened” in their art practices:

«It is interesting that the artists responded very differently to the proposed topic, and therefore their projects can easily be ranged from personal and almost intimate reflections on a specific situation or problem, to rather abstract general constructs. It was important for us to include artistic practices that would demonstrate or at least hint at alternative scenarios of the moment of uncertainty in which we all seem to be. This is a view of a situation that is different from more practical ways of working with reality, such as politics or sociology, but also different from philosophy as an absolutely theoretical thinking practice. Therefore, the art here is another optics and a certain opportunity to solve this situation another way».

To see the participants of the Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists, please follow the link.

Yevhen Nyshchuk, Minister of Culture of Ukraine:/

«Contemporary art projects carry deep messages for society, embodying free spirits, bold pursuits and creative interpretations, and bring a fresh breath into the culture. Watching the contemporary art in Europe, its tendencies, I can confidently say – Ukraine is absolutely on trend. That is why, for us, it is important to support the development of contemporary art of modern Ukraine, which would be integrated into the thinking of the world».

Olesya Ostrovska-Luta, Director General of Mystetskyi Arsenal:

«A large contemporary art project, especially aimed at supporting young artists, which unites the efforts of three key players in the public sector of culture – the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Mystetskyi arsenal and the National Art Museum of Ukraine. This is a step that demonstrates that contemporary culture has the same weight as historical one. In fact, the youth biennial indicates a reversal of cultural policy in Ukraine. This does not mean that everything is very positive and all the changes are exceptionally positive, but this clearly demonstrates the direction of thought – from purely inertial financing of Soviet models and institutions to attempts to stimulate the emergence of a new».

Yulia Litvinets, General Director of the National Art Museum of Ukraine:

«For the National Art Museum of Ukraine this is an important act of institutional support for contemporary art. The museum is open to various artistic practices, and young art as the most sensitive to social change and actual trends. The participation in the organization of the Festival is especially important for us, as we plan to create the State Museum of Modern Art, where not only the contemporary art will be presented, but also new approaches to its understanding and representation ».

The vast majority of the Festival projects is presented in Mystetskyi arsenal, and some works are implemented in the public space and installed on partner sites.

The Festival will be held in Mystetskyi Arsenal from September 28 to October 29, 2017.

The Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists is founded by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. «Mystetskyi Arsenal» National Arts, Culture and Museum Complex and the National Art Museum of Ukraine were appointed to organize the festival in 2017. The Festival is to be realized in Biennial format every two years, and to be housed by various Ukrainian cultural institutions.



Full ticket – 60 UAH

Reduced ticket – 30 UAH

Family ticket – 130 UAH

Reduced ticket is available for retirees, schoolchildren, students (valid ID needed at the entrance).

Family ticket is available for two adults and from one to four children aged 12-17.

Free ticket is available for children under 12, disabled persons of 1-2 groups, conscripted soldiers, participants and veterans of ATO, museum workers, ICOM members (valid ID needed at the entrance).