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Statement of Mystetskyi Arsenal

In the summer of 2013 in “Mystetskyi Arsenal” the artwork “Koliivshyna. The Last Judgement” by Vladimir Kuznetsov was painted over with black paint. This provoked justified protests, numerous discussions and caused a boycott of the institution by a part of the professional community. Recognizing that the unsolved problem negatively affects the development of “Mystetskyi Arsenal” and hinders the progress of artistic processes in general, we consider it necessary to once again regret over the incident. In the process of establishing the institution, this incident must become an experience for the future, since acts of censorship and vandalism are unacceptable.

“Mystetsky Arsenal” is actively working on the implementation of institutional practices and rules that will prevent such cases in the future and is ready for a productive dialogue with all representatives of the artistic community.