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Results of the Open Call f the Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists

Lizaveta German, Maria Lanko and Kateryna Filiuk, curators of the Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists, selected and invited 67 artists and artistic groups to participate in the exhibition:

Mykhailo Alekseenko, Madlen Franko

Yegor Antsyhin, Mykhaylo Buksha, Kateryna Buchatska, Olga Gaidash, Liusia Ivanova, Kateryna Libkind, Kateryna Lesiv, Olga Listunova


Kinder Album

Oleksiy Bykov

Kateryna Buchatska

Liliia Chavaga

Oleksandr Chepelev

Mitia Churikov

Daniil Galkin

Vira Ganzha

Attila Gazhlinski

ЦЕ Gallery and Oleh Susulenko

Yuliana Golub

Serhiy Grygorian

Petro Gronskyi

Oleksandr Dolgyi

Olena Dombrovska

Andrii Dostliev

Lia Dostlieva

Vitaliy Fomenko

Polina Karpova

Anna Kakhiani

Borys Kashapov

Alina Kleitman

Taras Kovach

Yevgeniy Korolietov, Anastasiia Malkina (Luhansk Contemporary Diaspora)

Yevgen Korshunov

Vitaliy Kokhan

Sasha Kurmaz

Ishtvan Kus

Oleksandr Kutovoi

Olga Kuziura

Anna Khodkova

Semen Khramtsov

Ola Lanko

Art-cluster R+N+D – Anton Lapov, Maksym Losiev

Pavlo Lysyi

Maksym Maksymiv

Dmytro Mykytenko

Viktoria Myroniuk

Yevgen Nasadiuk

Denys Nechai

Yevgen Nikiforov

Bogdan Pylypushko

Mariia Plotnikova

Viacheslav Poliakov, Olena Subach

Oleksiy Radynskyi

Sergiy Radkevych

Oleksandr Reznikov

Olga Sabko

Yuriy Savter

Vasyl Savchenko

Anton Saienko

Mykhailo Stefura

Sergiy Torbinov

Anton Shebetko

Coco Schwarz, Alina Mann

Vidktyta grupa

Volodymyr Vorotniov and ЗА/СХІД project

Alina Yakubenko

Vitaliy Yankovyi

Mariana Yaremchyshyna, Lucas Treise

Kristina Yarosh

Kateryna Yermolaeva

Mykhailo Zavalnyi



Selected projects will be presented at Mystetskyi Arsenal exhibition from September 28 to October 29, 2017. Some of the projects will be installed in the public space and on partner sites.

The majority of projects use such media as video, photography and graphics. Painting and sculpture were less represented among the received applications. Both works by authors who have not yet been actively exhibited, and works by well-known artists will be represented at the exhibition. For the last ones, the Festival will become a platform for implementing their new ambitious projects which require organizational, expert and financial support. Education and discussion programs are developed in dialogue with artists and partner institutions. Details and the program schedule will be released in September.

394 applications come from Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Lutsk, Uzhgorod, Dnipro, Vinnytsia, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Rivne, Sumy and other cities. Ukrainian artists, who live or study abroad – in Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Lithuania, Canada, Israel and Italy, also applied.

Ukrainian artists under 35 were invited to participate in the exhibition. The theme, offered by curators, is ‘Today, which never happened’. Within the forthcoming exhibition, curators reflect on the categories of change and fluidity, which characterize more and more nowadays phenomena – topographical boundaries blurring, national states fragility, identities variability, boundaries between private and public disappearance. According to curators, there were shifts in understanding the time and history categories. Conceptual and time limits of understanding the past, present and future are interchangeable now. Curatorial group invited artists to think of the alternative Present models and reflex it in artists’ practices. Applications were accepted until June 25, 2017.

The Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists is founded by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. ‘Mystetskyi Arsenal’ National Arts, Culture and Museum Complex and the National Art Museum of Ukraine were appointed to organize the festival in 2017. The Festival is to be realized in Biennial format every two years, and to be housed by various Ukrainian cultural institutions.