Modeling: Polina Polikarpova. A ballad about childhoodLaboratories

Modeling: Polina Polikarpova. A ballad about childhood

Many factors must coincide for the project to be shown in the gallery space. Therefore, we see only selected works of artists at the exhibitions, while most of the material is stored on hard drives as drafts or work in progress. In the frame of the long-term online project "Modeling", we are interested, in a way of dialogue with invited authors, to present these photos in the exhibition and virtually walk through the Mala Gallery via live stream. The “Modeling” project is being implemented within the photographic direction of the Laboratory of Contemporary Art of Mystetskyi Arsenal for 2020, in order to study the medium of photography and the possibilities of its representation.

In the first virtual exhibition of the Mala Gallery, a young Ukrainian photographer Polina Polikarpova will show the photo series "A ballad about childhood", which she began to work on in 2017. Through photography, Polikarpov tells a personal story about the things and environment that shaped her as a child.

‘While working on the series, I wanted to use "cinematic" methods (casting, exaggeration of real events for the effect of irony), as well as to tell a big story, a real journey into the past, because at the beginning of shooting I realized that my generation of artists and photographers actively uses nostalgia and is inspired by their local context.”

Polina Polikarpova is a Ukrainian photographer. She was born in 1992 in Kharkiv, graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, where she received a bachelor's degree in art history. Lives and works in Kyiv. Polina analyzes her own life experience through photography by creating visual stories.

You can watch the video from the opening of the exhibition on the FB page of the Malla Gallery.