In progress Dress code of Ukraine during the period of independenceLaboratories

In progress Dress code of Ukraine during the period of independence

On June 15 in the Art Arsenal an exhibition "In progress. Dress code of Ukraine for the period of Independence ", dedicated to the history of Ukrainian fashion and works of Ukrainian designers from 1991 to our time. The curator of the project was Zoya Zvynyats'kivska, an art historian and fashion historian.

Marina Poroshenko, the wife of the President of Ukraine, co-chairman of the Council for the Development of the National Arts and Art and Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal", opened the exhibition.

In her greetings, Marina Poroshenko thanked the organizers of the exhibition for the idea, through the history of Ukrainian fashion, to show the history of Ukrainian outlook:

"For 25 years, there have been many significant events in Ukraine that have affected its history. This is the Revolution on Granite and the Orange Revolution, and EuroMaydan and the Revolution of Dignity, the annexation of the Crimea, and military actions in the east of Ukraine. Sometimes, we even do not feel how all these events affect our thoughts and dreams and our outlook, has its own embodiment in the things we dress, which we choose for ourselves and for our children. And this exhibition presents the history of our views and aspirations for 25 years, "said Marina Poroshenko.

According to Olesya Ostrovska-Lyutoy, Director General of the "Art Arsenal", the work on this exhibition was interesting and important for the institution. "This is an exhibition about the history of creative thinking, how the creative idea in Ukraine evolved, how creative media in the 90's and 2000's looked and how they might look further," said Ostrovska-Luta during the opening ceremony. "The history of material culture is a story about us," said the instructor of the project "In progress. Dress code of Ukraine for the Independence Day »Zoya Zvynyats'kivska. "We have the body, we feel we touch, we see, we feel something touched. If we study history, our past, ourselves in textbooks that do not have material expression, we do not understand anything. It's been 25 years and I felt that the witness that I was disappearing and I had to grab it by the tail of the last minute. I want to say that the worst day of my day will be the day when I will be forced to give things, because it may turn out that I will never see her again. The history of Ukraine, in the form in which I gathered it and you see it, will disappear, "said Zoya Zvynyats'kivska.

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