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Visual Metaphors. To be Continued

Every life story goes through three points: the beginning – the continuation – the end. Yesterday – today – tomorrow. It is on tomorrow that we look with certain hopes. We plan those things for which we did not have enough time. We simulate events, places, acquaintances.

However, no matter how our life changes, we are going in the future with the present. No matter how transformed the surrounding world is, the human essence – with its passion, desires, dreams, disadvantages and advantages – remains the same. The scenery is changing, and almost everything that disturbed the person yesterday and worries today will not leave them indifferent even tomorrow. Mental feelings, love, striving for the best, our habits, everything that makes us human beings will excite us in the future. Because we are the tomorrow. And so, to be continued!

In the exhibition Visual Metaphors. To be continued, the young artists lead us through all the points of their stories. They make an attempt to understand modern life; to look on the usual things from an unusual angle; to look into the future in which we will find ourselves soon.

The topics mentioned in graphic projects are relevant for our time. These are 27 human stories, 27 spotted life situations of the selected object, metaphorical fragments of our life. To talk about things in metaphorical language is to make the message vivid, expressive, and сatchy. To tell stories is to share personal things, to fix eyes, to give cause for reflection.

The exposition represents 25 artworks by students of The National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture. Each of them has chosen a topic relevant to themselves. Each of them has found the most appropriate visual image for it. Each of them has told a story in 27 pictures. Every artist offers 27 metaphors of who he/she is, what the world today is like and how we would like to see it tomorrow. The artworks are executed in the original technique, which most clearly highlights the topic, followed by digital processing.

The exhibition is organized by the Department of Graphic Design of The National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture (Graphic Design Workshop of Professor Vitaliy Shost).

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