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Vira Baldyniuk

curator of the focus theme – Neighborhood: An Open Question

Editor-in-chief at the Korydor online magazine, journalist, critic. Vira Baldyniuk is a complier and editor of the books How to write about culture and Culture. Tomorrow (2015). She is the author of the section on the literary context of the 60s in the study The Art of the Ukrainian Sixties (Osnovy Publishing House, 2015); author of a reportage in the collective collection Challenged by Democracy (Choven Publishing House, 2017). She develops educational programs at the Center for Contemporary Art, gives lectures on contemporary culture and criticism. Baldyniuk is a lecturer of the course Art criticism and cultural journalism at the National Pedagogical Drahomanov University.

Vira Baldyniuk has more than ten years of experience in the media as a journalist, editor, columnist, author of reportages. She headed a culture section at the Novynar magazine, wrote for lb.ua, Ukrainska Pravda (Culture), Focus, Harper’s Bazaar, led the section Ukrainian Contemporary Literature with Vira Baldyniuk at the SHO magazine. Graduated from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, received a PhD in the theory of literature.