Viktoriya VelychkoBook Arsenal

Viktoriya Velychko

Co-curator of the exhibition ROLIT. Neighbors

Leading researcher of the Museum Affairs Department at the Mystetskyi Arsenal, historian.

Since 2010, she has been a co-curator and coordinator of the cross-museum projects of the Mystetskyi Arsenal, such as Great and Grand (2012), Windows (2013), Open Collection (2015), Mariya Prymachenko. Boundless (2016), EPHEMEROIDS. The ХХ Century in Posters (2017), BOYCHUKISM. Great Style Project (2018) and others. Until 2010, she was an academic specialist at the Museum of Kyiv History, researching the history and culture of Kyiv of the end of the ХІХ – beginning of the XX centuries.

Co-curator of the exhibition ROLIT. Neighbors at the Book Arsenal Festival.