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Polina Horodyska

curator of the International Program

Curator of cultural projects. Founder and head of the Ukrainian Literary Center NGO (since 2008). Editor-in-chief at the Litcentr Literary portal. Head, curator of the annual Congress for the Professional Community – Literature In Action, CYCLOP Video Poetry Festival and a number of other literary, translation and educational projects, events and initiatives.

Among the other projects realized by Polina Horodyska are: Ukrainian Book Translators Base, online catalogue The Literary Map of Ukraine, the Umbrella magazine of poetry in translation, workshop on copyright Your Treasure, Poetry Mail (lasts since 2012), the annual project Slovosad, series of electronic books ProLogos, research and questioning, work on the development of a system of indicators for measuring culture, etc.

During the years of the festival’s existence within the Book Arsenal, P. Horodyska realized a number of professional discussions, presentations, screenings, literary readings and performances. Since June 2016, she has been curating the International Program of the Book Arsenal Festival.