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Mariana Kira

technical director of the festival

Mariana Kira is a founder and PR manager at the DaKiRy consulting center and member of the NGO “17”.

In the last three years, she was engaged in the organization of conferences and various thematic events, as well as PR of events and the creation of professional communities in Lviv in the IT sphere. During the last two years, she was involved in the organization of the Music Festival in Lviv. In 2012-2013, Mariana worked as a cultural manager in the Lviv Publishers Forum NGO. Among the implemented projects are VI and VII Lviv International Children’s Festival, the SLONiYa International Children’s Festival (Lviv), the 19th and 20th Lviv Publishers’ Forum. She also worked as a coordinator of the charity action “Ukrainian Books for Rural Libraries”, the project “More Books, More Countries” (presentation of Ukraine at the Leipzig Book Fair), as well as the All-Ukrainian Children’s Reading Contest Knyhomania–2014.